[This is a 1996 Document - Here for the Historical Record]
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There are many well known and reputable Nigerian Organizations which fight the Scam. Among the most prominent of these is the Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA).

While IIS and the 419 Coalition differ Significantly with the ANA on the causation of, responsibility for, and exact methods and specifics to be used to control the Scam, we cooperate with ANA on Matters of Mutual Interest.

The Nigerian Democratic Movement (NDM) has issued a series of very strong statements supporting our efforts in this matter.

The Organization of Nigerians in the Americas (ONA) supports our efforts in this matter.

Other expatriate Nigerian Organizations which condemn the Scam are:

The International Roundtable on Nigeria (IRTON)
The National Liberation Council (NALICON)
The Global Network of Nigerian Organizations (GNNO)
The Nigerian Alliance for Democracy (NAD)
The Nigerian Freedom Foundation (NFF)
Nigerians for Democracy (NIFORD)
The United Nigeria League (UNL)
The World Union of Nigerians (WUN)

Some of the organizations within Nigeria which condemn the Scam are:

The Campaign for Democracy (CD)
The Civil Liberties Organization (CLO)
The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR)
The National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADL)
The Constitutional Rights Project (CRP)
The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO)

We are grateful for all support which we receive in this matter and will work with any organization which wishes to stop the Scam.

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