Hosted by The Association of Nigerians Abroad
               Held At Cleveland USA 12-14 JUL 1996

The Conferees were the cream of expatriate Nigerians - highly
educated ( most at Doctoral level ), successful, and patriotic.
They came to the Conference from all over the world - as far away
as Australia and everywhere in between.

Most of the issues - past, present, and future - affecting Nigeria
were exhaustively discussed; including, but not limited to, socio-
political, economic, and educational matters.  Everyone had ample
opportunity to be heard.

There was significant discussion of the Nigerian Scam ("419 Fraud")
during all three days of the Conference.  The Conferees agreed that
the Scam hurt the economy, international standing, and people of
Nigeria and further, that it had an adverse effect on both their
professional and private lives as expatriate Nigerians.  

The Association of Nigerians Abroad and the representatives of
several additional expatriate Nigerian organizations attending the
Conference again condemned the Scam and urged both the Government
of Nigeria and the Governments of other Nations to take prompt and
effective actions to control it.

The 419 Coalition found both the public and private discussions
held during the Conference to be frank, courteous, constructive,
positive, and practical.  We particularly enjoyed flushing out 
into public view the Nigerian Consulate's "Plant" operative at
the Conference.

We thank the Association of Nigerians Abroad for the invitation to
attend and to give a presentation at the Conference, and we are
pleased that ANA will continue its efforts against the Nigerian
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