Nigeria - About The 419 Coalition
[This Document updated 2010]

The 419 Coalition is an electronically linked group of associates who fight the Nigerian Scam (419 Advance Fee Fraud). These days one could call it a form of Blog. Our associates consist approximately of 1/3 victims of the Scam, 1/3 of targets of the Scam, and 1/3 interested in this matter for their own personal or professional reasons. There are about 50 active associates at any given time, though many others drift in and out as we address their needs.

Most of our Associates have been fighting the Scam as individuals and continue to do so. However, there was much duplication of effort and a lack of coordination under that scenario, so it was decided to set up a central clearinghouse for information and strategy accessible to all so that all would be brought up to speed as soon as possible and avoid duplication of effort.

For a restatement of the Nigerian Scam Defined, the 419 Coalition Mission Statement, and other details concerning our organization, Click Here.

And that is The 419 Coalition. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask the Coordinator via email.

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