[This is Document updated 2018]

MISSION STATEMENT: 419 Coalition gathers data and information on the 419 Scam; analyzes that information; and posts it on the net for all to see with a view towards Educating the demand-side of the equation out of participating in the Scam and to Press the Government of Nigeria to take substantive actions against the supply-side of the Scam. 419 Coalition is apolitical.

ORGANIZATION: The 419 Coalition fights the 419 Scam as a Public Service on the Internet FOR FREE, though we do appreciate freewill contributions when they can be made.

419 Coalition is not affiliated with any Government or Agency though we occasionally do report on Scam matters and cases to various Governments and pertinent Agencies.

419 Coalition considers all inquiries and data we receive to be a matter of Public Record. Therefore all statements and data we receive are Not Confidential. There are No Exceptions. Those who contact us are responsible for maintaining their Own confidentiality if they feel that confidentiality is required; we are not and will not be responsible for doing that for them.

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