AND FINANCIAL CRIMES. 

FROM: PASCALE                           13 MAR 97        

The 419 Coalition has been confronting the Government of Nigeria
and attacking Nigerian 419 operations for four years now and has
had substantial international impact in these matters. 

419 Coalition has been repeatedly approached by Officials of the
Government of Nigeria and by individuals representing themselves as
close to the current Government of Nigeria requesting that 419
Coalition de-escalate our Website specifically as concerns the
involvement of the Government of Nigeria in 419 operations.

Those making such requests state, in summary, that the Government
of Nigeria is making a good faith effort to control 419 operations,
and that an improvement in the Credibility of the Government of
Nigeria in that regard would be constructive in this matter.

Several of those making such requests have indicated that the 
Government of Nigeria would entertain any Proposals from the 419
Coalition designed to de-escalate our public confrontation with the
Government of Nigeria.

Accordingly, 419 Coalition proposes a Peace with Honor to de-
escalate the direct confrontation between 419 Coalition and the
Government of Nigeria and give the Government of Nigeria the time
it says it needs to restore its credibility in 419 control matters
through verifiable good faith efforts in that regard. 

First, what WE are willing to do:  

We are willing to eliminate for three years the following sub-pages
and the data therein from our site and post no new similar up:

1.  Nigerian Government Involvement in the Scam
2.  Nigerian Government Media Campaigns
3.  Latest News
4.  1996 News
5.  419 Coalition Recommendations on the Scam
6.  Report on ANA Conference in Cleveland
7.  Response to Nigerian GOV Statement on IIS & 419 Coalition

As you know, the above pages include all the references concerning
the documented evidence we have proving that Shehu lied outright
in official correspondence and that he is a Scammer front - man.
It also contains all the references to the Fact that Adamu Mohammed
lied outright to the Faces of the recent high level US Delegation
concerning "payments made" to IIS and then had Shehu try to cover

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up the gaffe after the fact.  It also contains ALL references to
Paul Ogwuma being a Scammer - which he is per the Adler case and
others - and all references to CBN being filthy-dirty in the Scam,
which it historically and currently is.

We will also remove all mention of the Government of Nigeria from
our Own internally generated posted documents which remain and keep
it that way for three years.

We have also been able to arrange for our associate organization,
International Investigation Services to remove for three years all
references by Name to your highly placed 419er Government of
Nigeria Officials like Paul Ogwuma from its site should the de-
escalation efforts of 419 Coalition be accepted.  To prove its good
faith in this matter, IIS will, within 48 hours of your receipt of
this fax, remove all references to Paul Ogwuma, Governor of the
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), as a proven 419er, by name, and his
photograph, from its site and keep them off until COB 31 MAR 97. 

In short, 419 Coalition is willing to de-escalate its Site for
three years so that we are no longer in direct conflict with the
Gov't of Nigeria.  IIS is willing, reluctantly, to remove the names
of your High Official 419ers from its Site for three years in order
to assist 419 Coalition in its Peace with Honor initiative.

What the Government of Nigeria must do to get Peace with Honor, as
described above, with The 419 Coalition is precisely stated below:

The Government of Nigeria will see to it that a token ONE - just
ONE - of "our" Victims is compensated DIRECTLY in order to prove
the commitment of the Government of Nigeria to Peace with Honor.

That gentleman is:

Mr. Thanit Sulatro        Note to Readers: Designated Victim's   
26 Jalan Sudirman 13      name and address have been changed in  
Jakarta 20320             accordance with the Privacy Act.  The
Indonesia                 Region given is consistent with that of 
Amount: US$ 760,000.00    the actual victim, and the amount given
                          is accurate.  The Actual Data on this
                          Designated Victim is on file with the
                          originals of this PWH Proposal at all
                          the US Government Departments, agencies,
                          etc. to which it was sent, listing of
                          which follows at bottom of this doc.    
He has fought for Justice the hardest of all "our" Victims and has 
earned selection as the symbol of the commitment of the Government
of Nigeria to Peace with Honor. 

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419 Coalition receives no monetary value from our Peace with Honor
Proposal.  The compensation goes directly to the Victim. What 419
Coalition Does Get is the satisfaction that our efforts have
yielded tangible and quantifiable results by obtaining proper,
just, and timely compensation from Nigeria for just One of "our"
thousands of victims.   
The above Victim must be compensated by Cashier's Check made to him
drawn on a major UK Bank, Hand Delivered by Diplomatic Courier to
him in person, and in his possession on or prior to 31 March 97.

When that check has cleared, 419 Coalition will immediately
de-escalate The 419 Coalition Website exactly as stated above.

To show our good faith, within 48 hours of your receipt of this 
fax 419 Coalition will Take Down our Page "Nigerian Government
Media Campaigns" for Updating, and it will stay off our site and
be unavailable for public access until COB 31 MAR 97 when we put 
it back up if we cannot confirm that the compensation for our
designated victim has arrived, which would mean, of course, that
there is no Peace with Honor and full-scale operations resume for
the duration. 

How do you know we will do what we say we will do?  You have my
word and my word is good.  Additionally, 419 Coalition declares
this document to be a Binding Proposal of Contract, to go into
force immediately and automatically the Government of Nigeria sees
to it that our terms stated above are met Exactly as described;
Coordinator of The 419 Coalition to be held Personally Responsible
and Liable in United States Court Only for any proven, intentional,
avoidable by exercise of due and proper diligence and care, Breach
of Contract by 419 Coalition in this matter so judged by the Court. 

No further discussions, negotiations, or communications with you,
the Goverment of Nigeria, any individuals purporting to represent
the Government of Nigeria in any capacity, concerning our Peace
with Honor proposal will be entertained by 419 Coalition while said
proposal is pending.   

Compensation for our designated victim either arrives exactly as
above, therefore automatically rendering the 419 Coalition Peace
with Honor proposal into a valid Contract, or it does not. 

Take it or leave it.  One time offer.  Won't be made again.  

If the Government of Nigeria chooses to release this document,
it has 419 Coalition permission to do so, but must make sure it
includes the section showing those proven to be the 419ers that
they are, since if that section is not included, we will of course
see to it that the Whole document is released, including that very
accurate portion.  

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We have No Apologies whatever to make for requesting that a token
One of "our" thousands of Victims be compensated in return for a
three year de-escalation of our direct confrontation with the Gov't
of Nigeria in this matter as described in this document to see if
any good faith efforts by the Government of Nigeria to control 419
operations will produce verifiable results during that period.  

At the conclusion of the three year term of our Peace with Honor 
proposal, which in 419 Coalition view is more than sufficient for 
significant progress to be made by the Government of Nigeria in
counter - 419 operations, should the efforts of the Government of
Nigeria to control 419 have produced Significant tangible results,
419 Coalition will so state on its site, in accordance with the
fact thereof, thereby providing Active Assistance to the Government
of Nigeria in the restoration of its Good Name both domestically
and internationally.

Should the Government of Nigeria want the 419 Coalition Peace with
Honor proposal and the resulting contract to be confidential they
can be confidential.  If the Government of Nigeria wants them
public, they can be public.  We will follow the lead of the
Government of Nigeria in that regard.

In the event that the 419 Coalition Peace with Honor proposal,
which, as requested, has herein been duly proffered, is rejected by
the Government of Nigeria, 419 Coalition reserves the right to make
our Peace with Honor proposal public in its entirety, at the sole
convenience and discretion of the 419 Coalition, in order to allow
the international community to judge for themselves the credibility
of the Government of Nigeria concerning both the intent and the 
efficacy of its alleged counter - 419 operations.

The United States authorities, including the Joint West African
Fraud Task Force and the Department of State, and others, have been
informed of the 419 Coalition Peace with Honor proposal and have
been provided with a copy of this document in its entirety.

C. A. Pascale
419 Coalition

cc:  United States Joint Task Force on West African Fraud.
     United States Department of State.
     United States Department of Justice.
     United States Department of Commerce.
     United States Senator Charles S. Robb.
     United States Senator John Warner.
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