Nigeria - 419 Coalition 2022 News on Nigerian Scam / 419 Operations

2 JAN 2022

In early January 2022, the EFCC has changed its domain name from (which it has been for many years) to

The effect of this is that any links To pages and articles on their
website that use   as the domain, do not work.  This
is a Kazillion of links to their site out in internet-land that no
longer work.

Either every single link to all of these articles and pages will 
have to be changed and updated to the new domain ( ) 
by every single site or webpage which linked to the old domain 
( )  OR the EFCC will have to make Every Single
Page on its site accessible via  BOTH the old and the new domains.
In short, the two domains will have to be made universally equivialent,
so that in effect, for all practical purposes, one is the same as
the other.

419 Coalition knows this can be done, as we did it on our Own site
when we changed our domain from  to .

To be blunt, so far the "rollout" of this new domain by the EFCC
has been an absolute disaster for the agency, given that it has
kaputed Many Thousands of links to the EFCC site internet-wide.

We've told them this in no uncertain terms and have told them
they need to Fix this problem quickly so that ALL the links - 
old domain and new domain - to their site and pages therein work.

We await developments..... but are not hopeful

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