US Secret Service Nigerian Fraud & 419 Scam Warnings in French and Portuguese

The long defunct (unfortunately) United States Secret Service Joint Task Force on West African Fraud Translated its Nigerian Scam & 419 Warnings into various languages. We have only their official French and Portuguese translations. If we recall correctly, they were working on a Spanish translation before the Task Force was disbanded after the 9/11 attacks as USSS priorities changed, but we don't think it was ever completed.

While all the descriptions and discussion regarding West African Advance Fee Fraud (419) remains relevant today, be advised that the USSS contact data and reporting information and instructions for victims given the documents are No Longer Accurate. You will have to look in the What To Do section of the 419 Coalition main page for updated information on that, or search online for current information on how and where to report 419 crimes etc.

Note: The Translations are originals scanned in as JPEG images. Some are very long. Accordingly they take a Long time to load, and you may have to "reload" several times. Be patient!

Here are the Translations:

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