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Nigerian Scammers attempted to defraud Alpha Electronics in 1992, 1993, 1994, and again in 1995.

The first time they tried, in the Fall of 1992, Alpha reported the initial contact to the authorities immediately and asked them to take care of the matter. When Alpha was contacted again a short time later, the authorities were again informed, asked what they were doing about this, and asked for instructions. The firm was informed that no actions had been taken, and no instructions other than to ignore the matter were received.

As it was apparent that the authorities intended to do nothing about the matter, the firm's manager went ahead and played out The Game with the Scammers, gathered and turned over to our authorities sufficient material and information to force them to take measures against the Scam, made specific recommendations as to what those measures should be, and insisted that meaningful action be taken.

In the Spring of 1993, the Nigerians attempted again to scam the firm, which turned the matter directly over to the FBI and again insisted that our Government take meaningful action in this matter.

In mid-1994 the Nigerians attempted yet again to scam the firm, which arranged for them to fax their materials directly to the Department of Justice and insisted yet again that meaningful action be taken in this matter. Same again in mid-1995.

It has become overwhelmingly obvious, both from the evidence gathered by the firm and that gathered by many others, that successive Nigerian Governments at minumum condone Nigerian Scam operations.

To summarize - The firm turned this matter over to the authorities immediately. They ignored it. So we took care of it ourselves. This firm never paid, at any time, any "advance fees" or "transfer taxes" to the Scammers. Therefore, we were neither "taken in" nor were we "victims" of the Scam and are not entitled to share in any distribution of funds recovered from the Scammers should there ever be funds of any significance recovered to distribute.

Our expenses in this matter have been $15,000.00. We have direct knowledge that our efforts, including the founding of the 419 Coalition, have cost the Scammers many millions of dollars in lost revenue. It is reasonable to assume that Scammer losses due to our efforts of which we are not directly aware are many times that figure. It's all quite simple, really. They tried to mess with us. So we messed with them.

C. A. Pascale
Alpha Electronics Inc.
Harrisonburg, VA, 22802

Mr. Pascale is also Coordinator of The 419 Coalition and Alpha Electronics provides primary funding for this 419 Coalition website as a Public Service.

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