Law Firms and Private Companies Interested in 419 Recovery Operations

The firms listed below have expressed an interest in undertaking asset recovery operations for victims of 419 and have asked to be listed here. Customarily such firms receive expense monies up front plus a percentage of any funds recovered. Up front expense monies paid are normally not refundable regardless of the outcome of the recovery effort.

419 Coalition has no business relationship with any of these firms and has accepted no monies from them for putting them on this list. 419 Coalition does not serve as an intermediary between victims and the recovery firms listed here. 419 Coalition does not give references for recovery firms. 419 Coalition has not been able to confirm that any recoveries have been made made by any of these firms; if the reader knows of any verifiable recoveries by any of these, or other firms, please inform us. 419 Coalition endorses none of the firms listed here and assumes no responsibility or liability whatever for them. We list them here purely as a Public Service.

This list last updated 15 JUL 2012.


Ultrascan in Holland is looking for information from victims of these three alleged 419ers. If you do recognize these alleged 419ers, do contact Monica immedately at:

Here they are:

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