Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Alert in Arabic

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Mr. Hussam Al-Abed wrote the piece. Here is his info:

Mr. Hussam Al-Abed is a White Collar Crime consultant, public speaker and a leading trainer in the banking industry, with expertise on subjects ranging from Money laundering, Detection of forgery & Counterfeiting, Prevention Of Bank Fraud, 419 - Scam, Safeguarding Customer Information against Social engineering, Identity Theft and pretext Calling, Internet Fraud, Armed robbery Prevention up to Bank Security and investigation of Financial Crimes.

He is The Middle East Task force representative for The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists -ACAMS, Associate Member of The Arab Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences, Founder of The International Anti Fraud Team (IAFT), Representative for Jordan & The Middle East, for Counterfeits & Forgeries review. The Annual Passport Guide. Money Laundering Alert And Armed Robbery Training Manual.

Hussam has written numerous articles on topics related to his areas of expertise in White-collar crimes that were published in newspapers and magazines Nationally and On the Web.

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