The 419 Coalition Will Come to YOU

Although The 419 Coalition fights the Scam on the Internet FOR FREE, there are required contributions for Public appearances. The Coordinator of The 419 Coalition will gladly speak to your Company, Organization, Class, or Club onsite worldwide on the following terms:

1. Travel: Estimated actual travel, lodging, meals etc. costs will be provided in advance. If air travel is required, round trip travel is Business Class from Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC, USA.

2. Per Diem: Per Diem for each day or portion of a day the Coordinator is absent our offices is $200 USD provided in advance.

3. Public Appearance Fee: Each speech, seminar, or public appearance by the Coordinator is $800 for each day or portion of a day, payable at the end of the function, in addition to the above Per Diem and Travel arrangements.

4. Security: The 419 Coalition will be the sole judge as to whether or not the proposed security arrangements are adequate.

5. The 419 Coalition reserves the right to refuse or cancel any proposed engagement for any reason at any time, returning any unused portion of the above prepaid items within 5 business days of such cancellation or refusal.

For Bookings, Email Coordinator, The 419 Coalition.

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