[This is a 1997 Document]

1. One Coalition associate's Scammers presented themselves as high officials of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Our associate was able to ask for by name and speak with the Scammers at CBN - THE PHONE NUMBER FOR CBN OBTAINED FROM LAGOS DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE AND NOT FROM THE SCAMMERS.

2. One Coalition associate's Scammers also presented themselves as high officials of the CBN. Our associate was actually TAKEN INTO the vault of CBN by his Scammers and shown the money available for the "proposal". He was able later to pick his Scammers out of a photo lineup in the US which included authenticated high officials of CBN.

3. One Coalition associate met with Nigerian Diplomatic Corps personnel at Nigerian Consulate facilities in California, both the personnel and the facilities verifiable and a matter of public record, to vet the "proposal" with them. He subsequently lost $75,000.00 plus.

4. One Coalition associate had his Scammers investigated privately in Lagos. They were known at CBN by name as CBN high officials; the home address of the primary Scammers was checked out, including photographs and confirmation of identity by neighboring residents; the primary Scammer signed for "in person" DHL deliveries at the verified home address. All this data and more was turned over to the Nigerian Government. They did nothing.

5. In order to "prove" that they were doing something about the Scam, the Nigerian Consulate in New York issued an official document letterheaded "Presidential Task Force on Trade Malpratices" (sic) which claimed that arrests had been made in a given case. However, when the Scammee was checked with, he stated that those claims were baseless and that nothing had been done. In short, the Nigerian Government lied outright in a document issued through official channels.

6. In the Nigerian Government's White Paper on the Scam, it states that owners of the fax numbers from which Scam documents come will be severely punished. However, there have been VERY FEW, if any such arrests which are INDEPENDENTLY verifiable. The Nigerian Government claims it cannot find the owners of the numbers... wonder how the phone Company in Lagos ever manages to bill?

7. CBN denies involvement in the Scam, taking out ads repeatedly in the international media stating same. Of course, Anybody can buy an ad and say anything they want in it. Now - common sense - doesn't do any good stealing money if one doesn't get to spend it, and the top Scammers stay in Nigeria where they are protected.

It is required by law that all Money Transfers of over $10,000 to financial institutions in Nigeria be reported to CBN. These reports must include the name and address of both the sender and receiver of these funds. Transfers of $100,000 or more require the customer on the Nigerian end to present an authentic document bearing his picture in addition to the above and all such transactions must be cleared and initialled by a CBN officer.

It is also required that Nigerian financial institutions report ANY transaction of over N500,000 for individuals and N2,000,000 for corporations etc. to the Nigerian Authorities ( NDLEA etc. ).

Yet CBN and the Nigerian Authorities just cannot Find the recipients of these funds when called upon to do so, and monies returned to victims by actions of the Nigerian Governement remain, given the magnitude of the Nigerian Scam, miniscule.

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