419 Coalition Privacy Policy

419 Coalition tracks hits on our main page, and certain other pages on our site. We do this for several reasons, among them:

1. To be able to demonstrate that the hits counted on these pagea come from Real sources rather than us sitting here and hitting "return" a thousand times at a clip :)

2. When we see a surge of hits from different IP's in a given nation, we are able to advise authorities of a surge of 419 activity directed at that nation, which allows local authorities to understake preemptive educational and other measures there.

3. We like to know what governmental agencies etc. in the US and worldwide are actively interested in 419.

419 Coalition reserves the right to use all hit data and all materials received by us in any way we, in our sole judgement, see fit, including relaying data and materials to such authorities as we deem useful. Those who disagree with this policy may of course use other counter-419 sites for their research etc. There are links to many counter-419 sites on our Fighters page. We do not track hits on the Fighters page.

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